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Workshop on the Core Executive and Gender

The Gender Research Network and Comparative Public Policy research cluster at the University of Manchester and the Feminism and Institutionalism International Network (FIIN) will host a one-day workshop on Friday 28 January 2011 to strengthen and deepen understanding of the gendered disposition of the core executive in the UK and comparatively.
Scholars of executive government who adopt an institutionalist or interpretive approach look to the core executive to identify the site and practice of power at the apex of politics (Burch and Holliday 1995, Smith 1999). Using feminist institutionalist theories developed by the FIIN network (Chappell 2002 and 2006, Kenny 2007, Krook and Mackay 2011, Mackay 2006, Waylen 2007), political scientists have reinterpreted the core executive through a gendered lens. Annesley and Gains (2010) demonstrated that the core executive in the UK has a gendered ‘disposition' in terms of recruitment, resources, relationships and rules. This, in turn, affects the capacity of feminist actors in the core executive to reform public policy for more gender equality. In addition, new research agendas are emerging to compare and contrast the gendered dispositions of the core executive internationally (e.g. Australia and New Zealand) and regionally (e.g. Scotland).
The workshop will facilitate dialogue between scholars of the core executive and comparative feminist political science in order to strengthen and deepen understanding of the gendered dimensions of the core executive and promote comparative research on the topic. It brings together core executive scholars, gender scholars, feminist institutionalist theorists, and comparative social science scholars to improve the theoretical and empirical understanding of the gendered dimension of the core executive.
Confirmed Participants: Claire Annesley (Manchester), Martin Burch (Emeritus Manchester), Louise Chappell (New South Wales), Jennifer Curtin (Auckland), Isabelle Engeli (Geneva), Francesca Gains (Manchester), Colin Hay (Sheffield), Meryl Kenny (Edinburgh), Vivien Lowndes (Nottingham), Joni Lovenduski (Birkbeck), Fiona Mackay (Edinburgh), Martin Smith (Sheffield), Georgina Waylen (Sheffield). \

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