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FIIN Short Course at APSA 2010, Washington DC

Course Full: The Gender and Institutions Short Course which precedes the Annual Meeting of APSA in Washington DC on September 1, 2010 is now full. The goal of the half-day workshop is to explore ways to research gendered institutions. It focuses on two influential approaches: the Research Network on Gender and and the State (RNGS) analytical framework, and Feminist Institutionalism (FIIN). Presenters include: Amy G. Mazur and Dorothy McBride (RNGS), and Georgina Waylen, Louise Chappell, Meryl Kenny, Fiona Mackay and Mona Lena Krook (FIIN).
SC4 Gender and Institutions
Wednesday September 1, 2010: 1245-1700, Marriott- Balcony C
Sponsored by the Women and Politics Section
Instructors: Fiona Mackay, University of Edinburgh; Louise Chappell, University of New South Wales; Amy G. Mazur, Washington State University; Meryl Kenny, University of Edinburgh; Georgina Waylen, University of Sheffield; Mona Lena Krook, Washington University in St Louis; Dorothy McBride, Florida Atlantic University.
SC4 Course description: The goal of this half-day short course/workshop is to contribute to research in Gender and Politics that seeks to understand how institutions are gendered, reflecting the recent 'institutional turn'. It will explore a range of approaches that can be used to analyse institutions from a gendered perspective, but will focus on the development of two that have been particularly influential in recent gender and politics scholarship. The first session will provide a short overview of the field and then examine some recent developments that have emerged from the Feminism and Institutionalism International Network (FIIN). It will consider for example critiques of different mainstream institutionalist approaches (such as historical, rational choice and sociological institutionalism) as well as examining some ways in which these approaches can be utilised in gendered analyses. It will also focus on ways forward for a feminist institutionalism. The second session will focus on the Research Network on Gender and the State (RNGS). The ten-year long project conducted by forty-eight researchers studies the impact of women's policy offices and women's movements on policymaking processes and outcomes in post-industrial democracies. Using a common analytical framework, researchers have collected and analyzed qualitative data on more than 100 policy debates across five different policy areas in fifteen different countries and at the European Union level. This session will explore the significance of the findings and the research design of the project for the study of gender and institutions and feminist institutionalism. With panelists from the UK, the USA, and Australia, a diversity of international perspectives will be represented.
Schedule: 1.00-2.45 Session I: Understanding Institutions: FIIN 3.15-5:00 Session II: Understanding Institutions: RNGS FIIN
Key Readings: Fiona Mackay and Georgina Waylen (eds) (2009) 'Critical Perspectives on Feminist Institutionalism', Politics & Gender, 5 (2).
Fiona Mackay, Meryl Kenny and Mona Lena Krook (with Louise Chappell and Georgina Waylen) 'Setting the Agenda for a Gendered Institutionalism: conceptual issues, common ground, and challenges'.
RNGS Key Readings: Excerpts from Dorothy E. McBride and Amy G. Mazur (forthcoming 2010) The Politics of State Feminism: Innovation in Comparative Research. Temple University Press.

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